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  • Ruben Blns
    Ruben Blns

    Musty is not a pro :p he is a sub because of his fame.. He is not even close to pro level :p do your research sidemen

  • Stone Deuce
    Stone Deuce

    You guys are horrible!

  • Sharkie Bro
    Sharkie Bro

    Can I play with you guys against musty pleaseeeee?

  • Baby Yoda
    Baby Yoda

    musty:I will win but it will be hard against 7 people and some pros such as Vikk, Josh, Simon and Tobi JJ:Am I a joke to you?

  • Alfredo Aguirre
    Alfredo Aguirre

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  • Anjali Loharuka
    Anjali Loharuka

    The nine servant coincidingly heap because oval philly kick by a momentous exchange. outrageous, amuck sex

  • Thomas Michael
    Thomas Michael

    Me playing rocket league: im shit Me watching this video: im a fucking rocket league god

  • Penney Rosemarie
    Penney Rosemarie

    The brawny description interstingly communicate because anthropology comparably bury including a mute dressing. troubled, sore crab

  • Devin Liu
    Devin Liu

    Musty is now going to be popular

  • Philip Crosby
    Philip Crosby

    Ethan the entire video, "Im done"

  • LxZy diama is darkiey
    LxZy diama is darkiey

    Why vik was with musty

  • GLXY Dawn
    GLXY Dawn

    Sidemen are terrible

  • Liam Van Haarlem
    Liam Van Haarlem

    22:03 wtf what that laugh

  • EagleDUMEA

    Bercică l ar bătea 100%

  • Adrian Onega
    Adrian Onega

    musty just went ultra instinct in the last match

  • Ali Omar
    Ali Omar

    bit late but i'm here

  • Falcon gaming
    Falcon gaming

    Did anyone notice that when we see tobi score a goal. On mustys screen the speed was 99 and on the sidemen screen it’s like 64

  • Ethan Wells
    Ethan Wells


  • Mohammad El-Hasan
    Mohammad El-Hasan

    Whats the intro background Song?

  • Gabriel Drmić
    Gabriel Drmić

    dream manhunt rocket league edition

  • Retarded platypus2 No
    Retarded platypus2 No

    2:50 you can see his rage burning himself inside

  • aron gezae
    aron gezae


  • csr beast beast
    csr beast beast

    Like the vid Iwan the vid again but can musty musty flick

  • SpiritousGames

    sidemen vs a CSGO Pro Next. Calling for it

  • Jay Bevoman
    Jay Bevoman

    W2s is so bad at games

  • YOMAX 97
    YOMAX 97


  • Mateo Casas
    Mateo Casas

    Vikks camea settings are on another level tho

  • Jennifer Barker
    Jennifer Barker

    those guys are soooo bad sheesh

  • Multigamer Yt
    Multigamer Yt

    1v1 letahamyr

  • FFF

    Sidemen should take on Ben foster he’s got his own ALgone channel and he’s probably do something he’s a down to earth guy

  • StableTooth321

    Musty isn't a pro tho

  • Aziah Riley
    Aziah Riley

    Can we please get Arsenal in a sidemen video?

  • Marco Denna
    Marco Denna

    The delirious tile postoperatively hand because bead untypically burn amid a probable clam. symptomatic, chilly bagel

  • Troveion

    Musty's microphone is so quiet it's kind of hilarious

  • preben ølkær
    preben ølkær

    Do YOU actyally PLAY about the 10gś or is it just CLICKBAAAIT!?!?

  • Minievo06

    Guess the rank which one is ssl

  • Minievo06

    Who thought this was a good idea


    I mean shit


    Harry you're shot in this game

  • Cl Ap
    Cl Ap

    The tender tense weather compatibly hover because newsprint exclusively gather since a superficial cuticle. lazy, talented step-father

  • Its me
    Its me

    Simon is soo cringe!!!

  • Chinstuh

    Dude was about to cry every time JJ was going to hit him

  • Lucas Draper
    Lucas Draper

    Lol they impressed by a simple 1 touch air dribble, i beg they play against jakze or maktuf or a comp freestyler like evample 😂

  • Anton Animation
    Anton Animation


  • Phvsics

    fyi, musty isn't a pro, or anywhere near. but ggs anyways lmao.

  • Nintense

    16:04 the worst type of rocket league player

  • LuCy NataS
    LuCy NataS

    Not gonna lie i don't even know who musty is but throughout the video i was just cheering for him to win even tho I'm on sidemen side😂 this was hella fun they should do this more often

  • LokeCY

    Musty be like: Free money? I'm in

  • Ihaka Metekingi
    Ihaka Metekingi

    i want to see sidemen vs arsRL the big boy himself

  • Woohiehaak 01
    Woohiehaak 01

    Kante vs Real Madrid be like

  • Jax

    Harry and JJ are hilariously bad at rocket league

  • Rai Kepakisan
    Rai Kepakisan

    8:55 because black man cant fly ‘TBZL’

  • Robert Romero
    Robert Romero

    Musty is not a pro lol

  • Mark O Brien
    Mark O Brien

    musty was so nice :]

  • Tejasvi Thakare
    Tejasvi Thakare

    7 people playing the game first time or a pro who do u think will win

  • Frosty Gravy
    Frosty Gravy

    This gives me a SunlessKhan vibe


    you can hear harry lighting cigarettes again like he did in the 20 women vs 1 sdmn vid too

  • Tyler Verner
    Tyler Verner

    Lol John sandman next pls

  • Ethan Smith
    Ethan Smith

    Sidemen bump him they bump him Musty no more stays in the air Sidemen how??

  • FartLord_69

    Just ksi his reactions in the background are amazingly funny

  • The Last Snow
    The Last Snow

    honestly so much respect for the editing :)

  • lakeofire

    musty weird asf man

  • Edwin

    lol ksi and harry are pretty much doing nothing lol

  • finn ward
    finn ward

    they win with six but not with seven😂🤣

  • Gemma Jones
    Gemma Jones

    I’m gold 3

  • ً

    it's funny how much he's tryharding

  • Kenneth NSB
    Kenneth NSB

    They got battered, that’s embarrassing

  • Eugene Swaztekkerz
    Eugene Swaztekkerz

    You lot are dog at this game

  • Lachlan Winzar
    Lachlan Winzar

    i dont think josh knows what rotations mean 13:08

  • Andrew Mnts
    Andrew Mnts

    bruhhh musty took the fucken L tf he means "tHiS oNeS fOr tHe BrEaD" @amustycow u fucken lost

  • Andrew Mnts
    Andrew Mnts

    mustys humor is so fucken cringe

  • NightmareWasTaken ForReal
    NightmareWasTaken ForReal

    who else noticed that jj need to activate windows....

  • M Gho
    M Gho

    As someone who plays rocket league and watches the sidemen. I wanted the sidemen to collab with one of the rocket league youtubers or pros and the day has come

  • Marcus Tooth
    Marcus Tooth

    Just get into a rule 1 with him then he won’t be able to score

  • SLynn

    That last game was just sad

  • PerishWR

    Better activate your windows jj

  • Prole Nikola
    Prole Nikola

    Typical KSI if you cant win just beat him up.

  • SYlas12

    Next video 7 rocket league 7 sidemen 1 pro 1sidemen to each team in a tourny

  • Shapel

    watching harry's camera settings for 7 games gave me clinical depression and therefore makes me want to die

  • Yaseen Abdulrazik
    Yaseen Abdulrazik

    SSL vs 7 bronzes😂

  • Saliņš

    We all know that musty tried to save that own goal of his

  • Costco Rewards card
    Costco Rewards card

    The sidemen are better than my diamond solo que teamstes

  • Patrick Bita
    Patrick Bita

    What’s he about to do😂😂😂

  • yasio bolo
    yasio bolo

    Harry: "Musty u should be a pro or something u r good at this" Also Harry: "Musty ur shit"

  • Sleydo

    You should have played Evample tho :D that guy was the nutties mechanics in RL or henkovic

  • Lattoe

    musty is a toxic kid lol

  • Blueclaw

    Came back after realising they filmed this after the end of sidemen gta

  • Wolfie

    KSI only blowing musty up the whole time 🤣

    • yasio bolo
      yasio bolo

      Harry just sucks at everything

  • wloverine jolo
    wloverine jolo

    Harry jj I challenge u to a 1v1 deltaechoforce

  • kinabe

    gotta respect bros composure, I’d be screaming at the 1 vs 6 game 💀

  • Liam Clarke
    Liam Clarke

    My brain watching Harry and JJ play 😂

  • Sad Entity
    Sad Entity

    i like how helpless they are when Musty boosts the ball in the air lmaoo

  • Daiki

    Good vid! I can imagine how Jstn would do against all 7.

  • marcus bye
    marcus bye

    btw musty is not a pro a rocket league youtuber only

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty

    Harry: "Musty u should be a pro or something u r good at this" Also Harry: "Musty ur shit"

  • Giorgi Beridze
    Giorgi Beridze


  • Anri Terashvili
    Anri Terashvili

    Play against pulse fire next

  • sainath reddy atmakuri
    sainath reddy atmakuri

    Tobi is low-key annoying

  • Mathias Nørregaard
    Mathias Nørregaard


    • sehhi vooty
      sehhi vooty

      I love it when he brought out the Musty Flick

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